Why Your Business Should Invest in Leased Office Space

St. Paul Place - Central Office

Office space is essential for any business that wants to establish itself outside of the remote realm of operations. However, buying or leasing your own building for a startup can be quite the expense and risk for a first-time business owner.

If your business needs a place to call “home,” a great opportunity for your team could be to lease out private or shared office space until permanence becomes feasible.

Here’s a look at some of the key reasons why so many businesses are satisfied with their decisions to move to a private suite or shared workspace.

Benefits of a Private Suite

There are endless benefits to having your own office to conduct daily business operations. Aside from having a private workspace where you can truly be your own company, here are some of the biggest perks of leasing a private suite.

Managed Suites Provide a Quick Setup

Dallas is a popular city for small businesses to use as a launch pad into their industry. However, in the big city, there usually isn’t time for a long setup if you are an independent business owner eager to get ahead of the competition.

Private office space with St. Paul Place can be ready to house your business within 48 hours of your lease approval. Our Dallas office offers small, medium, and large office spaces at competitive leasing rates with quick setup, to get your business up and running.

Short-Term Solution for a Long-Term Plan

Not every budding business has the necessary cash-flow to own their own office space. However, leasing office space on a monthly basis can provide the comfort and professionalism of working in your own environment while working towards your long-term real estate goals.

Productivity Improves

While we’ve all gotten used to remote working during the pandemic, some businesses can’t thrive on work from home or Zoom calls alone. Even if you need a place to meet up once a month for face-to-face meetings, a private office suite is the perfect place to encourage increased productivity amongst your team.

Having your own office space creates a work environment that brings your team together in the real world and provides them with a physical workspace to focus on their priorities.

Benefits of Shared Workspace

Some businesses may not be ready for a private workspace and hope to save a little more in their budget. For them shared workspace may be the answer they seek. Here are some of the key benefits for working in a shared office.

Built In Amenities

The stress of having to physically set up an office space can be daunting enough to keep businesses away from an office opportunity.

However, with shared office space like the units of St. Paul Place, we take the stress of technology setup off of your shoulders and provide each of our tenants with built-in office amenities that help us live up to our standards of highest customer care.

From kitchenettes, to meeting rooms and onsite support, our team has your team covered so that your business succeeds under our roof.

Increased Networking Opportunities

If you’re a startup company, starting alone can be an isolating experience. However, with a shared office space, the doors open up to ample opportunities to meet up with like minded entrepreneurs that can lead to powerful networking experiences.

The office space at St. Paul Place is community focused and designed with fostering relationships in mind. We strive to provide a creative office environment that encourages tenant interaction.

Broaden Your Business Horizons With St. Paul Place!

At St. Paul Place, we are proud to offer the ultimate boutique experience for leased office space. We’ve curated our office suites to ensure that any business that works within them thrives through our management support and sense of community within our location.

If you are ready to make a step-up in productivity, look no further than St. Paul Place in Dallas, Texas. Contact us today to learn more about our leasing opportunities.