April 16, 2022

The Unique Way to Start Your Office Space Hunt

Starting a new business is an exciting time for any business owner. From mapping out goals to hiring initial personnel, there is a lot that goes into a successful first few years of operation.

One of the most important aspects of a great startup is finding the right office space to lay down your roots. While you may already know the basics of renting with size and budget in mind, the management team at St. Paul Place is here to help you consider the more detail-oriented areas of the office hunt.

Start your business off right with these considerations during your search for the perfect Dallas office space.

Pre-Furnished is Always a Plus

One of the biggest expenses of moving into an office is actually furnishing it. Fortunately, some office buildings like St. Paul Place offer fully furnished units that allow business owners to hit the ground running.

Part of our commitment to ensuring our offices provides a comfortable space for our tenants is furnishing them whenever possible. From employee desk space to a fleshed-out board room, we are ready to make your transition to our office building as easy as possible.

Always Seek Out a Short-Term Lease

Although you may already be looking for office space that houses the size of your current business, it’s always important to look to the future and remember that growth can happen quickly.

Unfortunately, if your business is trapped in a long-term lease, growth is something that you’d have to put on hold until your contract is up.

However, if you actively seek out a short-term lease during your office hunt, you’ll be able to strike up a contract that allows for growth and helps avoid any expensive termination fees if you have to quickly expand to a larger office.

At St. Paul Place, short-term leases are the bread and butter of our leasing model. We believe that no budding company should be boxed into a unit without the potential for physical growth. From hourly to monthly, St. Paul Place is ready to help our tenants remain confident with expanding their business. We’ll even help you find a new office in our building that meets your new standards!

Keep Your Desired Culture in Mind

Different office setups can influence how an office culture forms within a business. If you already know what type of culture your business will require, make sure to keep your culture in mind when visiting potential office sites.

Remember, the more open the layout, the greater the potential for a collaborative, relaxed workspace. However, if the traditional office setting is what you aim for, you’ll want to look into office space that provides individual workstations and private offices for your company’s management.

The Location of Your Office Space Matters

If you’re going to lease an office for your business, you may as well lease it in a location that is beautiful, functional, and above all, impressive. As a newer business, you’ll want to make sure that your office is located in an area that attracts potential employees and clients.

The flexible office suites at St. Paul Place provide an affordable and luxurious setting for your next workspace. When you lease with us, our Dallas Arts District real estate gives your business the curb appeal it deserves.

Experience Unmatched Leasing Opportunities With St. Paul Place

If you are the owner of a Dallas-based business and want to lease office space that puts your brand in the heart of our beautiful city, St. Paul Place has numerous units that will meet any business’s needs.

We are a premier office building that specializes in short-term leases and providing a professional environment that will help any business flourish within its industry.

We’re eager to show you around. Contact us today to learn more about our available units.