At St. Paul Place, we offer inspired office spaces that make working in the modern workforce elegant and comfortable. Our flex suites offer a beautiful view of the Dallas skyline and include amenities that make any business in our office building feel like they’re at the top of their industry.


We believe that providing flexible office space at our caliber demands amazing service. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer care to our tenants.

Our tenants are part of our family and we work tirelessly to make everyone in our building happy! Give your business a place to thrive that offers:

  • Flexible leasing terms
  • A coveted city location
  • An amazing reception team
  • 24/7 membership access, and more!

Shared Office Space Amenities

Why lease extra space when you can use ours instead? Our office space provides each of our tenants with exceptional amenities, allowing them to lease less and get more!

With St. Paul Place, our tenants experience, no more fobs, easy to reserve amenities, self-managed parking, and more!

Aside from our standard office space advantages, members of St. Paul Place have the benefit of our one-of-a-kind amenities that include:

  • Four conference rooms for when your business needs some extra meeting space
  • Flex offices and hot desks available on demand
  • Fully furnished leasing opportunities
  • Fiber-redundant internet
  • Collaborative lounge space
  • A refreshing outdoor terrace
  • Communal space filled with local coffees and beers
  • Available event space

New Office Technology

Technology is the backbone of any successful modern business. However, it can a significant  expense when setting up a reliable technology infrastructure that keeps your workflow moving.

Private office leasing opportunities at St. Paul Place take away the stress of maintaining the latest and greatest of business technologies.

We have installed the latest technologies in St. Paul Place. This allows us to deliver the greatest customer experience for office leasing in Dallas, Texas! Through the innovative opportunities at St. Paul Place, your business benefits from:

  • The encouragement of innovation and workplace creativity
  • Easy business coordination
  • Consistent internet service that keeps business flowing
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Decreased costs for your organization

Take the Next Steps into Workplace Freedom with St. Paul Place

Running a business shouldn’t always entail a long leasing process or a difficult setup process. At St. Paul Place, we provide business owners affordable office space that they can call home.

From private office units to shared spaces, there we have a leasing opportunity that will accommodate a company of any size.

If you are interested in learning more about St. Paul Place, we want to meet you! Feel free to contact us today to schedule a tour of our available leasing opportunities.